Have you recently become an Estonian citizen?

Have you recently become an Estonian citizen?

All males with Estonian citizenship are liable to national defence obligation. What should you remember if you become an Estonian citizen?

Vabariigi Presidendi loss Kadriorus

The objective of defence forces service is to provide Estonian men with military training, i.e., the ability to defend Estonia and your home as part of a reserve force, if need be.

From the age of 18-27, you are a call-up selectee and should be prepared to complete military service as a conscript. If you become a naturalized citizen from the age of 28 and up, you will be assigned to the reserve, remaining part of the reserve until you turn 61.

Conscription gives a person military training and good experience in teamwork and leadership skills. It also instils self-confidence, discipline, time management skills, the ability to cope in challenging conditions – and gives you a solid physical training.

While in the reserve, you must be prepared to take part in reservist training when called upon to do so by the Defence Forces. At reservist trainings, you will refresh and supplement knowledge and skills gained as a conscript and practice working together with other units.

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