National Defence Obligation

National Defence Obligation

A person liable to national defence obligation has four main responsibilities: obligation to keep the authorities notified, obligation to appear, obligation to submit documents, and obligation to undergo procedures.

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Obligation to keep the authorities notified

You have the obligation to notify the Defence Resources Agency of your current contact information. Contact information must be promptly sent to the Defence Resources Agency if they are unavailable or inaccurate in the national defence obligation register.

You also have the obligation to report any circumstances that have an effect on one’s state of health. Examples of circumstances that should be reported to the agency are a severe illness or disability. If the change in your state of health may affect whether you satisfy health requirements for military service, it should be reported to the Defence Resources Agency, along with a document issued by a physician confirming the health condition. If necessary, you may be asked to appear before a medical committee so that your state of health can be re-evaluated.

Obligation to appear

You must present yourself formally for the following when called upon to do so by the Defence Resources Agency:

  • to report to the Defence Resources Agency or to a place designated by the agency for processing
  • to appear before the Defence Resources Agency medical committee
  • to report for duty in the conscript service or alternative service
  • to appear for reservist training at the appointed time when called upon to do so by the Defence Forces.

Obligation to submit documents and information

If asked to do so by the Defence Resources Agency, you are required to submit data, certificates and other documents necessary for issuing administrative acts or conducting procedures. For example, when appearing before the medical committee, you will be asked to submit a health certificate and, if necessary, other documents describing your state of health.

Obligation to undergo procedures

If asked to do so by the Defence Resources Agency or the Defence Forces, you are required to undergo procedures that are deemed required and necessary, such as taking part in a medical examination at the appointed time and place or, if necessary, a supplementary medical examination or screening.

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