Women and conscript service

Women and conscript service

Women have been serving in the military since its initial conception. As of 1 April 2013, the new Military Service Act states that women can serve in the compulsory service on equal terms with men.


Women may apply for the conscript service. The requirements for the women’s voluntary conscript service include Estonian citizenship, 18-27 years of age at the service start and a state of health and personal suitability for military service. A woman who has enlisted as a conscript can change her mind within the first three months; thereafter they are bound to the full time of their commitment. Those that fulfill a long-term commitment to duty are praiseworthy.

It is imperative for the military that the service has the top and best suited candidates. The new uniform conscript service insures that all military personnel start off at the same level, are given equal opportunities to show their strengths and abilities and be able to later excel in their careers. In the service all are equal regardless of their origins, race, gender, residence or place of schooling. The conscript service is a pool from which future military leaders are chosen.

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