About us

About us

The Defence Resources Agency calls up citizens for conscription service, recruits active-duty Defence Forces personnel and provides an overview of the state’s available mobilization resources. A fourth important area of activity is supporting the teaching of national defence in schools. By carrying out these functions, the Defence Resources Agency supports the readiness of the Defence Forces to defend Estonia.

To fulfil these functions, the Defence Resources Agency ensures that:

  • young Estonians obtain a good overview of national defence and its structure as part of their studies at school
  • customer service is convenient and accessible for citizens
  • the work of medical committees is conducted in a client-friendly, smooth manner
  • the objectives set by the state are fulfilled and Estonia’s reserve forces are manned
  • the people serving in the defence field are motivated and competent
  • in case of enhanced readiness or a mobilization, there is a thorough and accurate overview of the state’s available resources

The agency was established on 1 August 2005, when four government departments administered by the Ministry of Defence were disbanded: the northern, southern, western and north-eastern national defence departments.

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